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My Work

a look at the process behind some of my recent projects
Wicked Rabbit

From sketches to final logo, take a look at the steps from taking this idea in to a reality.


As a fan of all things Marvel and a super fan of the NFL (go Broncos!) I thought it would be fun to rebrand each team as if they were a part of the Marvel Universe. Take a look at all 32 teams!

Mighty Monster Crush Game

A game for iPhone & iPad that I designed - everything but the code!

Star Wars Celebration Patch

A look at a raw design made into an embroidered patch.

Penny Annie's Coffee Logo

A logo designed for use in a movie on props and signage.

Logo Design for Logo Design

A look at some of the 1000's of logo templates I have created for a DIY logo creation software sold at retail all over the world.

Marvelicious Toys Podcast

Take a look at the graphics that go into creating this Marvel collecting podcast.

Design Gallery Portfolio

Check out even more of my work from logos, package design, illustration & more.

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