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Wicked Rabbit Logo

The concept for this super-secret bar with a hidden entrance within a cigar and spirit shop was pretty straight forward - a well dressed rabbit that looks as if he's been out all night.


Starting with a handful of sketches to find the right characteristics a few things began to stand out, the ears needed to be up, his collar should be out of sorts and his hair mussed.



After a handful of sketches were chosen, we moved to the illustration process - basically re-drawing each rabbit in Illustrator so they could be used in concept logos. 
Using the illustrated rabbits we began the process of finding the right fit and form for this logo.  This step allowed us to pinpoint what elements were neccessary and which were just fluff.
We eventually landed on the right rabbit for the job and added a pocket watch emblem to finish this mark.  In this round we looked at a type face that had a bit more character to it.
Ultimately the final logo focuses it's attention on the rabbit icon and the now added watch face.  The name is still readible but isn't fighting for attention as it was in earlier versions.
This logo will be used on a number of items ranging from stickers, coasters, napkins and advertising materials as well as being a "hint" on how to enter this secret bar.
The brand in action on a few items.
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