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Venganza Media

Venganza Media is a podcast network with a handful of specialized shows based in the entertainment industry. I not only co-host a couple of these shows, I also do most of the graphic design, including the logos for the network and the shows themselves.



The original Venganza Media logo was created many years ago (not by me) and desperately needed a refresh.  We looked at a couple of different options, but eventually decided to go with the final version which has a bit of understated elegance with the "V" and "M" merging into one mark.
Star Wars Action News is a podcast dedicated to covering all things collectible in the world of Star Wars and has been a regular show since 2006.  We wanted to give the logo a refresh without losing the iconic look and feel of the original logo that had been used for the first 10 years.
Much like Star Wars Action News, Marvelicious Toys covers collectibles for Marvel, including action figures, statues and more.  We launched Marvelicious Toys in 2010 and I assumed the co-host position along with graphic design duties.  Our first logo was used until 2016 and served us well, but as Marvel grew in popularity and adopted a more adult tone in it's films our logo needed to reflect that change.  We wanted to keep some elements from the original logo while updating it to a more "solid" and "mature" feel.
A look at a couple of shirts using the new logos.
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