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Now Playing Podcast Logo

Now Playing is a popular, long-running movie review podcast that covers movie series from the past and present.  The original logo (not my work) was employed for the first 8 years of the show's run and recently we have rebranded for the future.  The new logo is now being used for all of the episodes and promotional material and will soon be seen on the cover of a book written by four of the long time hosts "Underrated Movies We Recommend".



Above: the original logo - (not my design) for reference 
Above: a few concepts
Above: a few concepts
Above: the current logo for the brand.  The new logo keeps much of the tone of the original and adds a touch of movement and playfulness which represents the tone of the show.
Above: the Now Playing logo in use on promotional images for movie series reviews.  I also designed these particular images and the caricatures of the hosts.
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