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Summitsoft Logo

In 2001 I went to work for a small software company that was just getting started.  They had a logo that CEO created using Word, and a grand total of two products.  15 years and a handful of brand refreshes later, Summitsoft is one of the leading publishers of PC software around the world with products on the shelves of retailers like Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot/Max, and many more.

I not only create and curate the brand, I design and create packaging for all of the products. 



Above: evolution of the Summitsoft brand from 2001 - 2013
Above: the current brand for Summitsoft.  Used from 2013 - Current
The current mark continues the tradition of the mountain theme and adds a substantial feel that was missing from previous iterations.
Above: a number of retail products under the Summitsoft brand that I have created - from concept and design to final layout and production - I am not only involved in every step, but I create all of the artwork and brand guidelines throughout.
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