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macware Logo

As creative director for Summitsoft and a Mac fan, I pitched the idea of a line of Mac software in 2004.  I created the brand and a handful of products that were presented to Apple and macware was born.



Above: the initial logo for the brand.  Used from 2004 - 2006
Above: the revised logo for the brand. The "X" was dropped for the more friendly "macware"  Used from 2006 - 2013
Above: the current logo for the brand.  A cleaner, simpler design to match the aesthetic of Apple's products.  Used from 2013 - Current
Above: in addition to creating and managing all aspects of the macware brand, I create the sub-brands as products for retail.  I not only oversee the creation of these products I design the packaging, marketing and online presence of each sub-brand.
Above: one particular sub-brand of macware, macFonts also has a number of products in it's family - these are just a few samples of icons for these font packs.
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