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I've been the Creative Director for Summitsoft for the last 13 years.  In that time I have worked on just about every conceivable type of project that a creative designer can.  From brand and logo creation, to software and app design, I have overseen numerous marketing campaigns and managed teams of 3-12 people.  I've designed countless packages for retail products that sit on store shelves around the globe along with trade show assets for multiple brands and products. 


Brand cohesion is always my top priority, I have created and adhered to brand guidelines for a number of companies and products.


I started my career in the creative world with industrial design because I've always had a thing for functionality and form factors in all aspects of life, from furniture and architecture to packaging and logos.  Once I discovered my love for graphic design I went full speed ahead and have had the opportunity to get creative with a number of incredible people along the way.


As a designer I understand that each project will require different aspects of my talent and I approach them with this in mind.  This allows me to explore any number of styles while searching out the best solutions.






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Creative Director - Summitsoft Corporation 

2001 - present


As the Creative Director at Summitsoft I have worn many hats.  I am responsible for each and every software product from initial naming and branding to final package design and all stages in between.  I create and manage all of the art assets for use online, on & and countless other retailer's sites like BestBuy, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, Amazon and others.


Not only do I create all of the branding and marketing materials, I also help to create the software's UI.  Making icons, splash screens, buttons, etc. for over 100 software titles, I have seen a lot of fads and styles come and go!


Summitsoft develops and publishes Windows based software and has been in retail stores all across North America since 2001.  In 2004 I approached the CEO with the idea of expanding into the Mac market. Armed with a concept for a logo and a handful of software ideas I won his approval and we officially launched Macware.  After a few meetings in Cupertino we forged a partnership with Apple and were proud to be amongst their products for the rollout of Apple Stores.


I could write a book about my time with Summitsoft and Macware, and I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton of what I do there, so please feel free to ask me any questions!



Senior Graphic Designer - DigitalVisions / OmahaFavorites
​1998 - 2001


​Worked with a team of designers and developers to deliver multimedia content to numerous and varied clients.  Using Flash and Director to design media-rich CD-Rom content that ranged from football and hockey teams to central pivot irrigation systems.


During this time we launched Omaha's first "night life & entertainment" social media site, called  A team of photographers would go to nightclubs, sporting events, festivals etc. and take pictures of people in attendance.  The site was a hub for information on happenings around town and a fun place to see if you and your friends' pictures online.  I created the logo and mascot for OmahaFavorites along with the give-away materials such as hats, tee-shirts, mugs, etc.



Art Director - Media Services
​1995 - 1998


​I created and printed CD and cassette cards for bands from around the world. Media Services was a leader in short-run, digital duplication services and the bulk of our clientale was musical acts that needed 100-5000 copies of their CD or tape.  During this time I made album artwork for a vary wide range of bands. I saw more than my fair share of death metal bands, grunge bands, accoustic acts and even the occasional polka group!

Colorado Institute of Art - Denver
1992 - 1995


I graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art with a degree in Industrial Design.  Soon after graduation, I began looking into graphic design and taught myself how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress and other applications.